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Day Porters Los Angeles County, CA


Welcome to 247 Services, Inc., the leading provider of day porter services in Los Angeles County, California. We understand that the appearance and cleanliness of your property play a crucial role in creating positive impressions on clients, visitors, and employees. That’s why we offer comprehensive day porter services to ensure your premises remain pristine and inviting throughout the day.


Experience a transformation in your facility through the array of advantages offered by our day porter services! From impeccable all-day appearances to onsite convenience, discover how we enhance productivity while ensuring top-notch cleanliness.

Impeccable Appearance

Your facility’s appearance impacts your reputation. We ensure every corner maintains a polished look, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Enhanced Productivity

With our Day Porters taking care of maintenance, your staff can focus on their core tasks, boosting overall workplace productivity.

Onsite Convenience

Our friendly day porters remain onsite, serving as your facility’s cleaning guardians. We’re there to meet your needs in real time.

Customizable Schedules

Our day porters will seamlessly integrate into your operations, guaranteeing your facility’s upkeep without disruption.

Licensed & Insured

Our licensing and insurance provide the confidence that your facility’s upkeep is entrusted to top-tier professionals committed to safety and quality.


Jim F.

We have been a happy client of 247 Services for 11 years…they have been reliable, responsive and trustworthy. I highly recommend them!

Jon T.

We have been dealing with 247 Services since 2011 and have always found them to be dependable and responsible.  The cleaning has always filled our high standards, and the staff are polite and professional.  I would recommend 247 Services to anyone without hesitation.

Rina S.

They met or exceeded expectations on everything we could throw at them. Great attention to detail and quick response time. Highly recommend!

Melissa S.

247 Services are consistent in quality work. They are dependable, reliable and efficient. Mike responds quickly to all our concerns or requests. They aim to please and strive to bring the best customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What tasks do your day porters handle?

A: Our skilled day porters manage a wide range of tasks including restroom maintenance, spill cleanup, restocking supplies, and ensuring high-traffic areas are consistently presentable.

Q: Can I customize the day porter's schedule to fit our business hours?

A: Absolutely. Our day porter schedules are fully customizable to seamlessly align with your specific business hours, ensuring uninterrupted cleanliness throughout the day.

Q: How will day porters enhance our facility's image?

A: By maintaining a polished appearance and promptly addressing cleaning needs, our day porters create a lasting positive impression on visitors, clients, and employees.

Q: Are your day porters trained for unexpected situations?

A: Yes, our day porters undergo rigorous training to handle unexpected accidents effectively and efficiently, ensuring a swift resolution without disrupting your operations.

Q: What sets your day porters apart from regular cleaning services?

A: Unlike traditional cleaning services, our day porters remain onsite, providing real-time attention to cleaning needs and enhancing convenience for your business’s daily operations.

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Elevate your facility’s image with our day porter service. Reach out today to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to your specific needs. Your success is our business, and we’re here to make it shine!

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