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Hard Floors


Are your once-gleaming floors now showing signs of wear and tear? Scratches, scuff marks, and a lackluster appearance can significantly dampen the overall impression of your business space. First impressions matter, and tired-looking floors might inadvertently signal a lack of attention to detail.

At 247 Services, Inc., we understand that appearances speak volumes. That’s why our hard floor stripping and waxing service is tailored to rejuvenate various types of floors and restore their lost brilliance. From vinyl and tile to laminate and more, we don’t just focus on surface-level shine—our professional technicians delve deep to breathe new life into your hard floors.


Experience the transformation firsthand. Our hard floor stripping and waxing service not only restores the allure of your floors but also offers a host of advantages that elevate your business’s aesthetics, durability, and safety.


Our process erases blemishes, revitalizing your floors to their original luster that leaves an immediate positive impression.


Protect your floors from daily wear and extend their lifespan, saving you unnecessary and costly expenses in the long run./p>


Stripping away old wax and grime contributes to healthier indoor air quality, ensuring a fresher atmosphere for everyone who steps inside.


Our waxing seals the floor and makes routine cleaning a breeze, reducing the time and effort required to maintain your floors.


The added benefit of slip resistance in our waxing formula increases traction, creating a safer environment for both employees and visitors.


Rest easy knowing that our professional floor care service is fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.


Jim F.

We have been a happy client of 247 Services for 11 years…they have been reliable, responsive and trustworthy. I highly recommend them!

Jon T.

We have been dealing with 247 Services since 2011 and have always found them to be dependable and responsible.  The cleaning has always filled our high standards, and the staff are polite and professional.  I would recommend 247 Services to anyone without hesitation.

Rina S.

They met or exceeded expectations on everything we could throw at them. Great attention to detail and quick response time. Highly recommend!

Melissa S.

247 Services are consistent in quality work. They are dependable, reliable and efficient. Mike responds quickly to all our concerns or requests. They aim to please and strive to bring the best customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is professional floor stripping and waxing important?

A: Professional floor stripping and waxing aren’t just about aesthetics—they safeguard your floors from wear and tear, removing built-up grime, enhancing durability, and extending their lifespan.

Q: How often should I consider stripping and waxing my hard floors?

A: The frequency varies based on foot traffic and your space’s needs. High-traffic areas typically benefit from treatment every 6 to 12 months, while lower-traffic spaces can go longer between sessions.

Q: Is stripping and waxing suitable for all types of hard floors?

A: Our skilled team excels in treating a wide range of hard flooring types such as vinyl, tile, laminate, and others—although we do not specialize in hardwood floors. We tailor our approach to your specific material for optimal results.

Q: Will stripping and waxing make my floors slippery?

A: Safety is one of our highest priorities. Our waxing formula incorporates slip-resistant properties, ensuring enhanced traction and safer floors even after treatment, which is particularly beneficial in areas prone to spills or moisture.

Q: What sets your licensed and insured service apart from others?

A: Our licensing and insurance signify our commitment to industry standards and quality work. This assurance sets us apart as reliable professionals dedicated to excellence and safety in floor care.

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Hard floor stripping and waxing is more than just restoring a beautiful shine—it’s about safeguarding your investment and projecting an inviting atmosphere. Rediscover the radiance that wows clients and employees alike! Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our floor care services to meet the needs of your commercial space.

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